Patios provide protection from sun, rain, and high winds. They allow you to illuminate and decorate an outdoor space to suit your needs and tastes. Patios provide more useable space; but at a much cheaper price than building another room.

What Kinds of Patios Do We Offer?

The Daydream Building Innovations design team will create patios to meet any requirements. We offer unlimited design variations on flat/skillion, gable, flyover, freestanding, and curved roofed patios plus designed pergolas to ensure your outdoor area looks and does what it is supposed to.

The Daydream Building Innovations Range of Designed Patios:

Non Insulated Flat/ Skillion
The popular Colorbond long-span eliminates the need for extra beams, rafters and support poles – giving you maximum space for price. Whether attached to your house fascia or free standing uprights we will provide roofing to blend with and compliment your existing guttering and home. Support beams and poles boast stylish designs in a high gloss with VJ appearance, powder coated to match the colours of your existing home.

Flat/ Skillion – Insulated
The next step up from our non-insulated range provides superior insulation against temperature variations. The Flat/ Skillion also allows for the installation of power outlets for ceiling lights. These roofs still have the beauty, span and strength of our non-insulated versions. They are low maintenance, high quality patios coloured to match your home perfectly.

Our very popular gable designs are loved for their extra height, space and airflow. Depending on the style you want Daydream Building Innovations will provide insulated or non-insulated gabled patios, in a variety of colours, to compliment your home and garden.

The Flyover creates extra height, light and air flow by being elevated above your existing roof-guttering. This allows in natural light, fresh air and creates a feeling of space.

Call Daydream Building Innovations to discuss your Patio and building ideas.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will work with you to turn those ideas into reality.

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